Truck AccidentHow To Avoid Accidents With Semi-Trucks
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Key Takeaways:

  • Accidents with commercial trucks are devastating due to the sheer size of the truck.
  • Everyone on the road should know the steps to take to avoid accidents with large commercial trucks.
  • If you are in an accident with an 18-wheeler, Car Wreck Doctor can help you recover.


If you've ever traveled on a highway, you've likely experienced a heart-stopping situation when you had to swerve out of the way of an 18-wheeler changing lanes.

Or, maybe you've noticed one unable to stop traveling down a steep slope.

Because of their size, the type of cargo they’re hauling, and their high speeds on highways, truck accidents are more serious than collisions involving passenger vehicles.

When 18-wheelers are nearby, driving can be tense or terrifying.

It's crucial to know how to drive safely around big trucks to avoid semi-truck accidents.

To avoid the hassles of an accident with a commercial truck, practice some of the safe driving tips described below when you find yourself near a semi-truck.

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Avoid Distracted Driving

Driving on the highway can be long and dull. But don't let yourself get too tired or distracted while you're driving.

Just remember that the other drivers are also probably bored.

Plan your trip before you leave so you are ready to go with good music, audiobooks, podcasts, or whatever else you like to do for fun. Don't play with your phone or the car's radio while driving.

If you need to change something, wait until you get to a rest stop or a safe place to pull over. Take a break if you start to feel tired.

Don't wait until you start to fall asleep because by then you're already in danger.

avoid distracted driving

Avoid the Truck’s Blind Spots

A truck has four blind spots: 20 feet ahead, 30 feet behind, and on each side.

Making sure you can see the truck's mirrors are a good rule of thumb.

Keeping out of the trucker's blind spots may help him or her drive safely around you and other cars.

A semi truck’s four blind spots are located:

  • To the left of the truck backward diagonally
  • To the right of the truck backward diagonally
  • In front of the cab = 20 feet
  • Behind the trailer = 30 feet

If you are in a truck's blind spot, the driver can't see you, so that area is a "no-fly zone."

Make sure you can see the side mirrors of the truck. If you have to go into a truck's blind spot, don't stay there for too long.


Pass With Caution

Always be careful when passing a commercial truck. Large trucks cannot stop as quickly or maneuver as easily as other vehicles, so truck drivers need additional time to react and adjust their speed.

Some important points to remember are the following:

  1. If a truck passes you, stay to the right and slow down so the driver has more room to pass you safely and so you don't spend too much time in a blind spot.
  2. Do not move back into the lane in front of the truck until you can see the driver clearly in your rearview mirror.
  3. Do not pass a truck that is going up or down a hill, because the truck may speed up or slow down naturally.
  4. If you want to pass a commercial truck, get close to it on the left side, where the driver can see you better. Keep your speed up as you pass, and use your signals.


Give Semi - Trucks Plenty Of Space

Due to their larger size, trucks need a lot more room to turn and stop when they see something dangerous.

Also, tire blowouts happen often, so it can be dangerous to be near a commercial truck if a tire goes flat right when you are next to it.

It's essential to give these vehicles a lot of room.

Follow these simple rules to keep from getting into an accident with a semi-truck:

  1. When the truck is turning, give even more room. When making a wide turn, some trucks need two lanes.
  2. Do not pass a truck on the right, as you could get stuck between the curb and the truck.
  3. Give the commercial truck at least four seconds of extra space.


Use Proper Turn Signals

When you change lanes or want to pass a semi-truck, you should give clear signals with plenty of time so the truck driver knows what you plan to do and prepare for it.

Commercial truck drivers need enough time to change their driving, so use your turn signal earlier than you usually would.

When you change lanes quickly or make other sudden changes on the road, semi-truck drivers might not have enough time to adjust to your new situation or position, which could lead to a crash.

You should anticipate poor weather

Anticipate Weather Conditions

Storms happen almost everywhere, and sometimes they show up out of nowhere. Bad weather makes it hard to drive safely.

You can set up a weather app on your phone to tell you when a dangerous storm is coming your way.

Or, if one happens quickly, go to the nearest exit and wait it out.


Avoid Road Rage And Negligent Driving

Driving can be frustrating, but the last thing you should do is get mad at a driver behind a 60,000-pound vehicle.

If you get upset, try to stay calm and pull over for a while. Don't drive over the speed limit or tailgate. It will only lead to disaster.


Allow Trucks To Merge Easily Into Traffic

When you are driving a heavy, bulky 18-wheeler, it is hard to merge into traffic.

Even worse is when selfish drivers speed up to get around the truck and don't let it merge.

Be kind and let trucks merge into traffic without causing a disaster. You'll have chances to pass as you drive down the highway.


Were You Involved In An Accident With A Semi-Truck?

No one ever plans on getting into a severe accident with a semi-truck. Unfortunately, though, they still happen.

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