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What are the First Steps to Take if I am in a Car Accident?

You have just been in an auto accident and you are nervous, mad, and maybe even scared. Stop and try to gather your thoughts.

Can a Doctor Really Help with Whiplash?

In short, the answer is yes, a doctor can help with a whiplash injury.

While your primary care physician may not be able to ...

Rear-End Collisions and Their Effect On Your Body

According to the NTSB, there are more than 1.7 million rear-end crashes, resulting in 1,700 fatalities and 500,000 injured...

10 Questions You Should Ask A Car Accident Injury Doctor

After experiencing a traumatic automobile accident, you need to find a trusted and experienced accident injury doctor who...

How To Not Get Taken Advantage of After a Car Accident

Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident 

After being involved in a Car Accident, it is important to keep in...

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