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    If you were injured in a Car Accident in North Palm Beach, FL, our Car Wreck Doctors can help you with your recovery. 

    Our Doctors understand that car accident victims can suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. 

    Woman Injured in a Car Crash in North Palm Beah, FL

    The Chiropractors at our car wreck clinic have the experience to treat injury victims and help them return to optimal health. 

    All of our Doctors have over 10 years of experience treating car accident victims. They have advanced degrees and training, which gives them the ability to diagnose and create aspecialized treatment plan for any pain and injury condition. 

    At our car wreck center, we try and make the recovery process as easy and stress free as possible. 

    We understand that this can be an extremely difficult time for most victims, and we want to relieve some of that stress by providing car wreck patients with a personal injury attorney referral. 

    With the help of a personal injury attorney you will not need to pay any up-front costs. Your attorney will sign a lien with our office stating that the medical expenses will be paid once you receive a settlement for your accident. 

    Our skilled Chiropractic Doctors understand the legal process when it comes to treating victims of car accidents. We are fully prepared to help you make a complete recovery while working directly with your attorney to provide the documentation needed for you accident lawsuit. 

    If you were hurt in a car accident in North Palm Beach, FL do not wait to contact our experienced Car Wreck Doctors for a free consultation. Click on the link below now. 

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    What to do After a Motor Vehicle Accident

    The North Palm Beach area, home to the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, is like any other community in the sense that car accidents occur on a regular basis leaving many people in need of an experienced Chiropractor. 

    At our accident clinic we off rehabilitation services to the victims of car accidents. It's important to receive treatment from an experienced chiropractor if you want to recover fully from your car accident injuries. 

    If you wish to make a full recovery, and receive the compensation that you deserve, it is crucial to follow the steps below: 

    1. Call 911: When you are involved in a car accident, calling the police is not an option, it is a must. Regardless of the damages to the vehicles, it you are hit by another driver, the police need to be called. Often times the other driver will tell you they will take care of everything and there is not need to get the authorities involved, but no matter how kind or understanding they may seem, it is always in your best interest to call the police. 

    You will need the police report when filing a lawsuit, it will be added proof that they other driver's insurance company needs to pay for your losses. 

    2. See a Chiropractor or Doctor: Regardless of whether or not you believe you were injured, if you were hit by another vehicle, seeking immediate medical attention is a must. 

    Your doctor will be able to diagnose the extent of your injuries and provide you with atreatment plan that is going to help with your recovery. 

    Chiropractor Adjusting a Car Accident Victim

    Even though you may feel fine immediately following the accident, it is still important to be seen by a doctor. They will be able to catch any problems and treat them before they can turn into a chronic pain condition. 

    If you wait too long to seek treatment, you may miss your only chance at receiving compensation for your medical expenses. The insurance company will try to deny your claim if they believe you waited too long to see a doctor after being involved in a car accident. 

    3. Meet with an Attorney: Once you have gone to your first appointment with a doctor, you will need to hire a personal injury attorney to handle your case. Our Chiropractors will provide you with an attorney referral so you do not have to worry about finding one on your own. 

    Your attorney will make sure everything is handled, so you can sit back and focus on the recovery process. 

    Car Accident Injuries that Our Doctors Treat 

    It is possible to suffer from severe injuries, regardless of whether your accident was minor or severe. 

    You do not want to end up with life-long chronic pain conditions from being hurt in a car wreck, which means it's crucial to your health to let a chiropractor help heal your injuries. 

    Our Car Wreck Doctors help to treat the following: 

    • Concussions 
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Soft Tissue Damage 
    • Rib and Chest Pain 
    • Whiplash Injuries 
    • Shoulder Injuries
    • Tightness in the Neck 
    • Spinal Cord Damage 

      Medical Treatment for Car Wreck Victims

    Depending on the severity of the injuries that were suffered, the recovery process can belengthy and time consuming. Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident in North Palm Beach, Fl

    However, we encourage you to stick with the treatment plan that was specifically designed for you, so you can make a complete recovery. 

    Our  Doctors work diligently to provide you with the treatment that you need to make a full recovery. 

    Chiropractic Care

    Depending on the severity and type of injury that you suffered, you may need any of the following treatments: 

    • Chiropractic Mobilization - Manual manipulation technique to stretch and move joints and muscles to increase flexibility and the range of motion. 
    • Spinal Subluxation, Manipulation, Decompression - Pressurized thrusts to restore range of motion, improve functionality, and reduce pain caused by irritated nerves.
    • Pelvic Stabilization Drills - Used to treat lower back pain. Strengthens the lumbar muscles to relieve stress on the lower vertebrae.
    • Electrical Muscle Stimulation - Utilizes mild electrical impulses to force muscle contraction. This is the same thing that the nervous system does to rehabilitate muscles and increase strength.
    • Ergonomic Training - The goal is to increase efficiency by improving posture and functionality. This will also help reduce the risk of long term injury.
    "Chiropractors use spinal adjustments, manipulations and other therapeutic methods to realign the spine and restore the body to its correct posture."

    When your spine is in proper alignment, the pressure on your vertebrae and nerves will alleviated which will provide you with almost immediate pain relief. 

    Chiropractors are known for using all natural, non-invasive treatment techniques to heal and relieve pain. 

    At our North Palm Beach Clinic, it is our goal to help your body restore its optimum functioning without the need for surgery and addictive pain medications. 

    Our doctors always provide a complete examination to ensure that your injuries are being taken care of in the best way possible.  

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    If you were injured in a Car Crash in North Palm Beach, FL you may need the help of an experienced chiropractor.

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    When you come to our Car Wreck Treatment Center, our doctors will diagnose your injury and come up with a specialized treatment plan to help with your recovery.

    We will also provide you with an attorney referral so you do not need to pay out-of-pocket for your medical expenses. 

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