WhiplashHow Long Will It Take You To Recover From Whiplash Injuries?
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Getting in a car accident isn't an enjoyable experience.

There are countless things you have to deal with before you ever leave the scene of the accident.

Are you okay? Is everyone okay? Are you in a safe spot? Who's fault was this?

Those are questions that run through your head in the first few seconds after the accident.

Once you've composed yourself, you have to talk to the other people involved in the accident, call the police, call your insurance companies, and take care of any health concerns.

Even if you feel fine after an accident, it is always recommended to see a doctor soon after.

You could have medical concerns you aren't aware of yet, and it can also help your personal injury case if you have one.

Some injuries will take hours, days, or weeks to start showing symptoms.

One of the most common delayed injuries after a car accident is whiplash.

Whiplash is a potentially serious injury that needs to be treated as soon as possible.

In the article below, we'll learn a little about whiplash, and find out how long it takes to heal from whiplash.

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Whiplash is a very common injury that occurs during car accidents

What Is Whiplash?

When your neck is suddenly or violently jolted in one direction and then quickly in another, it causes a whip-like motion.

This can cause sprains or strains to the structures in the neck by stretching these structures beyond their usual limits.

The muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves can all be affected by this motion.

In severe cases, the discs in the vertebrae of the neck can be torn, leading to a disc herniation.

Car accidents are the most common causes of whiplash, but several other incidents can cause the injury.

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What Causes Whiplash?

Car accidents, bike accidents, and injuries from sports like football, horseback riding, or boxing are the typical causes of whiplash.

Any kind of physical abuse or contact sports like karate, which leads to being punched or shaken can cause whiplash.

A blow to the head of any kind or a severe fall can result in symptoms related to or leading to whiplash.

The only way to determine the severity of whiplash is to see a medical professional like a chiropractor.

Chiropractors have all the necessary training to tell you whether or not you've suffered whiplash.

Several treatment options will help treat your whiplash and alleviate your pain and suffering.

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Treating Whiplash

Luckily, injuries like whiplash are generally self-healing.

With minor cases of whiplash, the pain and symptoms should go away on its own, and you'll only need to take over-the-counter pain medication as needed.

If the pain is a little more severe, you can visit your chiropractor and she can design a treatment plan to help alleviate your symptoms.

Other types of treatments, like acupuncture and electronic nerve treatments, are also available.

However, the best treatment will come from your chiropractor.

If your symptoms don't go away after three months, you're considered chronic.

At this point, multidisciplinary pain management may help you, and can be recommended by your chiropractor if necessary.

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How Long Does Whiplash Last?

Keep in mind that the symptoms of whiplash often take 24-48 hours to appear.

Because of this, whiplash frequently goes unreported and untreated. That's why it's critical to see a doctor after a car accident no matter how you feel.

Once the symptoms have developed, they could resolve quickly, or they could last for weeks, months, or even years.

People that develop chronic whiplash may deal with the pain for years.

The specific structures affected by the whiplash play a part in determining how long your symptoms will last.

Some scientists believe that chronic whiplash is due to damage of nerves and that short-term whiplash is just damage to the muscles.

Either way, visiting your chiropractor as soon as you can after your car accident will increase your chances of a quick recovery.

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